The Witches' Hexagram – Robert Hardy

The Witches' Hexagram A Wiccan View of the Cabbala prowadzi czytelnika w dalszą podróż po kabalistycznych ścieżkach. Eksploruje środkową część Drzewa Życia. 

Informacje o angielskim wydaniu:

Copyright © Robert Hardy

Okładka i skład: Agnieszka Hulewicz

ISBN 978-0-9933910-5-7

Wydanie I

Oprawa miękka klejona

Spis treści

1. Meditations of balance and enlightenment
2. The circle and the Sephiroth
3. The ten Sephiroth in descending order
4. 25th pathworking: Yesod to Tiphareth
5. 26th pathworking: Hod to Tiphareth
6. 24th pathworking: Netzach to Tiphareth
7. 23rd pathworking: Hod to Geburah
8. 22nd pathworking: Tiphareth to Geburah
9. 21st pathworking: Netzach to Chesed
10. 20th pathworking: Tiphareth to Chesed
11. 19th pathworking: Geburah to Chesed


This is a wonderful introduction to the central portion of the Tree of Life: humane, good-humoured, shrewd, colourful, and with a profound love of life itself.

Professor Ronald Hutton, author of Triumph of the Moon and Witch

This is a great practical guide to a Wiccan approach to the Cabalistic Tree of Life. The author has spent decades exploring and developing his understanding of this topic and it shows. The subject matter is handled with great insight and presented with clarity, which provides the reader with a workable set of practices designed to explore the Cabala in a uniquely Wiccan way.

Julia Phillips
Author of Madeline Montalban: the Magus of St Giles and Witches of Oz

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